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Dogs and cats are carnivores, eaters of raw meat. Their systems are designed to extract protein and nutrients from meat in its naturally raw state. Carnivores are unable to break down complex carbohydrates. Dogs and cats have no use for corn, wheat, soy, rice or grain, which is the base ingredient used for most dry and canned foods, even the “healthiest” brands. Feeding dogs and cats carbohydrates that they cannot utilize, frequently leads to health problems. Furthermore, once meat is heated, during the canning or pelletizing process, much of the nutritional quality is lost.

Humans could eat fast food everyday for our whole life, and we might survive, but we sure wouldn’t be very healthy! It is the same for pets when feeding a kibble or canned diet, they might survive it, but not without health problems.

You may add a little meat to your pet’s diet each day and slowly build up to an all-meat diet or you can switch completely “cold turkey” to the raw diet right away. Dogs and cats that are not used to eating raw meat can be given plain yogurt, acidophilus or enzymes to ease the switch in diets.

Doggy Chef Diets are complete and balanced and you don’t have to add a thing! We do recommend that you give your dog a bone (raw of course) and also raw treats and Doggy Chef include these in the weekly packs.

Start a raw food diet by feeding the same amount of food you are currently feeding. If you are feeding 300g of kibble per meal, feed 300g of raw food per meal. After a week on the new diet, do a “rib check” (see our Weight Management guidelines), and depending on your dog’s condition adjust the amount you’re feeding up or down. If you find your dog is becoming overweight, or moving in that direction, feed LESS. If your dog is seems to be “ribby” or underweight, feed MORE.

Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a veterinarian who advocates raw diets for dogs, suggests feeding amounts that equate to between 2 to 3 percent of a dog’s body weight. This means a 25kg dog should be fed between 500 – 700 gr. of food per day. This can be fed in a single meal or divided into multiple meals. Puppies need 5% – 10% of their body weight daily. In general, young, small, active, underweight, and growing dogs need more food; and older, sedentary, and overweight dogs need less food.

Doggy Chef’s costs per month are based on the complete and balanced raw food meals we provide, which includes a pre-measured, tailored menu, including bones, treats and delivered service right to your door. You will find that creating a homemade raw diet is around ¼ cheaper, depending of course on what you buy and where you buy your extra ingredients from.

Meat digests better without carbohydrates in the stomach. We do not recommend feeding dry food, but if you do, feed it at a separate meal.

Doggy Chef raw diets will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator and one year in the freezer.

We recommend that you feed Doggy Chef Diets raw for maximum absorption of protein and nutrients.

Meat digests better without carbohydrates in the stomach. We do not recommend feeding dry food, but if you do, feed it at a separate meal.

Yes, you can re-freeze the meat diets, if you refreeze them shortly after they have thawed.

Yes, you can switch from one diet to another, but for pets just starting on a raw diet, it will be easier on the digestive system to stick with one diet for a while. Some pets prefer variety and some prefer one type of meat to others. It is not a problem to just feed one type of meat diet for extended periods of time. The advantage of Doggy Chef’s weekly packs is your pet gets a completely balanced diet.

This is a very normal and natural response when changing from one food to another. Many times they will eat it again if their stomach rejects it the first time, which is also very normal and natural. Feeding plain yogurt or pro-zymes at least 1/2 hour – 1 hour before feeding will definitely reduce the likeliness of vomiting or loose stools. Once their body is used to the meat in it’s raw form, the stomach will create the proper acids and enzymes again on its own. You will not need to continue to feed prozymes and they will not vomit or have loose stools anymore.

If you buy a small styrofoam cooler and pack it full of meat and keep it sealed well, the meat diets will stay frozen for several days. It is best to pack it full of frozen meat diets as opposed to ice. The ice actually melts quicker than the meat, then as the meat is sitting in the water it melts faster. Another option is to buy raw meat and organs or canned tuna in water or mackerel and substitute for Doggy Chef for a few days. This option doesn’t provide for the vitamin and mineral mix and appropriate ratio of organ to muscle meat as it does in the Doggy Chef diets, but it is better than feeding commercial pet food. Also, there is a cooler on the market that plugs into your vehicle with a cigarette lighter adaptor.

The consumption of raw meat by your dog and cat is both natural and time proven. Our pets are carnivores for a good reason…. they are designed to eat freshly killed meat. The feeding of raw meat to carnivores provides the opportunity for the biological system to function more in tune with its design, that is; a quiet immune system supporting healthy structure and function and freedom in movement without fear of invasion. This greater vitality gotten by eating meat in the raw state more than compensates for the greater possibility of exposure to parasites or potentially harmful bacteria. Healthy living is not living in isolation from pathogens (an impossibility, as we are connected to the world around us as evidenced by our NEED to eat) but rendering pathogens harmless through a powerful state of health. The foundation of long lasting health is vital food; fresh wholesome and varied. Parasites (and yeast for that matter) are indicators of an already weakened immune system; not the cause of disease. These organisms are physical indicators of marginally diseased and weakened tissues. As the weakness intensifies, the prevalence of parasites (and yeast) will intensify. Thorough cooking and processing of food (not including grains) renders food weak, for in the heating process almost all of the life giving molecules are destroyed. Grains have natural resistance to higher temperatures, as summer temperatures out in the sun, in the field all day can naturally be quite high. Processed food offers survival instead of health. In this weakened/survival mode, parasites run rampant, as immunity is disturbed and confused for lack of appropriate raw materials. A disturbed and confused immune system modified by chemical drugs can only respond partially in the direction of health for a short time, and then it usually collapses into a deeper level of disorganization expressed as deeper disease. The need for chemical medicine reflects an irreversible collapse in one or another of organs or systems; dependence has been achieved, this is one step further from true health.

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